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  • The Secret to an Amazing Look is Simple- Truly Clean Skin

    Celebrity make-up artist and star of What Not To Wear, Carmindy (@CarmindyBeauty) shares why she thinks Clarisonic is a must-have in every woman’s beauty arsenal.


    At Clarisonic we know nothing looks better on you than healthy, glowing skin, and that’s why we made it as simple as 60 seconds, twice a day. Your complexion is our business—and it has been for more than a decade. That’s why Clarisonic is the #1 facial cleansing device recommended by dermatologists—and the must-have skin care tool for celebrities, beauty editors and clear complexion lovers everywhere.

    Of course everyone’s skin is different, so we‘ve created a range of products to suit even the most sensitive skin. If you’d like a little good-skin guidance, our beauty experts will be right there to help you find the perfect device, brush head and cleanser. Soon you’ll be turning heads with a smooth, beautiful complexion—because when your skin glows, you glow too.

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  • Dos and Don’ts for Anti-Aging Skincare

    Anti-Aging products are not just for our mothers anymore. Most women in their 20s have started to add anti-aging products to their skincare routines as a preventative method. Check out our dos and don’ts for an anti-aging skincare routine.

    The Don’ts…

    Don’t smoke.

    Those who smoke will likely develop wrinkles prematurely around their eyes and mouth. Smoking is known to degrade the elastic fibers of the dermis which affects your skin’s firmness as well.

    Don’t yoyo diet.

    When your body weight increases or decreases, it can loosen the elasticity of your skin. Also, be aware that a thin face can be associated with being unhealthy whereas a full face might actually look younger.

    Don’t stretch your skin.

    Pulling or stretching your skin can result in sagging decreasing the firmness in your face. Be gentle when it comes to touching your face and especially your eye area.

    Don’t ignore your neck and chest.

    The signs of aging can also appear on your neck and chest. Be sure to adequately moisturize these areas as well.

    The Dos….

    Do cleanse regularly.

    A regular cleansing routine is essential to keeping your skin in the best condition possible. The Clarisonic is a great addition to your skincare routine because it removes 6x more makeup and dirt than manual cleansing.

    Do get your vitamins and antioxidants.

    What you eat can affect your skin. Be sure to get enough vitamins and eat plenty of antioxidant-rich foods.

    Do use an eye cream.

    The skin around the eye area is thinner and therefore, needs extra care. Use an anti-aging eye cream or check out the Opal Sonic Infusion System that helps eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

    Do wear sunscreen.

    The sun can leave you with damaged skin from UV rays. Even when it is overcast, use a moisturizer with an SPF.

    Do drink lots of water.

    Drinking plenty of water is essential for keeping yourself hydrated. Eight glasses of water a day is recommended.

    Do you have any tips to add for the perfect Anti-Aging Skincare Routine?

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  • How do I get Vitamin D if I’m supposed to stay out of the sun?


    The sun provides us with vitamin D, an essential for our body. However, we have been told time and time again to stay out of the sun. We know the sun causes skin damage that could lead to cancer and premature wrinkles so how do you get adequate Vitamin D without sun damage?

    Short amounts of time in the sun are recommended for vitamin D. However, be sure to use an SPF on sensitive areas such as the face, neck and chest. Exposing your arms and legs to the sun for 15 minutes for 3-4 times a week is all you really need to avoid sun damage and get enough vitamin D.

    Efficient vitamin D is essential for our bodies. A lack of vitamin D can cause bone health issues, immune disorders, and possibly cancer. However, swapping out one medical condition for another is never ideal. Protect yourself from the sun by trying to remember to use an SPF and only get limited exposure to the sun.

    We realize sun exposure in the winter months can be hard to come by in some parts of the world (Especially for us in Washington).Talk to your doctor to make sure you are getting the right dose of vitamin D and if not, perhaps discuss supplements.


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  • 5 Gifts for Father’s Day

    Father’s day is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate your dad on Father’s day then to shower him with gifts. Here are a few great suggestions that we have come up with at Clarisonic to show your appreciation this Father’s Day.

    1. Charcoal Gray Clarisonic Classic

    Men love the Clarisonic just as much as women do. Want dad to get a closer shave, and reduce that irritating razor burn that he grumbles about? The Clarisonic Classic has proven to do just that. It comes in a great “guy” color too, Charcoal Gray!

    2. Men’s Shaving Kit

    Since we are all about having great skin, grab dad a men’s shaving kit for Dad’s Day! Packed with all of the great tools to keep his scruff in check, clean his face, and keep his skin feeling smooth, it is a great gift to show your appreciation.

    3. Men’s Magazine Subscription

    Grab dad a men’s lifestyle magazine subscription for Father’s Day. Not only will he gain useful and insightful tips but, it is the type of gift that keeps on giving every month for a year.

    4. Espresso Machine

    Father’s love everything fast and efficient, especially in the morning. If the dad in your life is an avid espresso man, we know that a sleek and shiny espresso machine for Father’s Day is something that he will enjoy.

    5. Bonsai Tree

    Moms like flowers, dads like trees. A bonsai tree symbolizes patience, happiness, and serenity. A little piece of the outdoors could be just what he needs to brighten up his day.

    Do you have the perfect Father’s Day Gift? Have a Happy Father’s Day from Clarisonic!

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  • 6 Essential Items for your Gym Bag


    Whether it is taking care of your skin, eating right, or staying active, we at Clarisonic are all about living a healthy lifestyle. As part of a great daily routine, we should all try to include some type of physical activity. The majority of us love to stay active outdoors but busy schedules and the weather can get in the way. Heading to the gym may be the most convenient way to get an amazing workout into that jam packed schedule of yours.

    Here are 6 essential items we believe every gym bag should have:

    1. Music Player

    The tread mill and elliptical can be very monotonous, so listening to music can be a great motivator. Creating a playlist with your favorite upbeat songs will surely help get you through your workout in no time.

    2. Flip Flops

    A great line of attack in good hygiene is to bring your own flip flops to the gym. If you are going to hop into the shower, this can be a simple and easy way to cut your chances of contracting a gross fungal infection on your feet.

    3. Deodorant

    We all want to smell fresh and clean after a great workout, especially if we have somewhere important to go. Try a clear, natural deodorant to stay dry and battle unwanted odor and minimizes streaks on your clothes.

    4. Towel

    Another must have is a personal towel, to wipe yourself down after a shower or after a hard workout.

    5. Water Bottle

    Always bring a water bottle. Staying hydrated before, during, and after a fantastic workout is important. Opt for a stainless steel BPA-free water bottle. Not only does a portable water bottle cut down on plastics entering our landfills, studies have shown that BPA may have harmful effects on the body.

    6. Mini Product Bottles

    Keep you gym bag stocked with mini bottles filled with your regular skincare products. Just because you may have to shower at the gym, doesn’t mean you should neglect your skincare.

    As a Clarisonic fan, what do you pack in your bag when hitting the gym?

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  • Clarisonic and Bon Appétit Giveaway!

    We have teamed up with Bon Appétit for their June issue! At Clarisonic, we feel empowered by taking our skincare into our own hands with Sonic Cleansing, but we also practice this motto when it comes to eating healthy.

    We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  What you eat can affect your skin’s glow and it’s important to start your day off right. Therefore, we are asking Bon Appétit readers and our fans what they do in their morning ritual to keep their skin healthy from the inside out.

    Here are our favorite super foods that we eat to keep healthy in addition to using our Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System every morning:

    Greek Yogurt

    With more protein than regular yogurt, Greek yogurt will surely start your day off right with plenty of vitamin A to keep your skin glowing.


    Fruits such as blueberries, pomegranates, and strawberries are packed with antioxidants to fight off free radicals and keep your skin glowing.

    Whole Grain Toast with Almond Butter

    Whole grains are great for the skin! Skip the butter or sweetened jam and opt for protein and fiber-rich Almond Butter.


    With plenty of value-added mixes like flax seed, pumpkin seeds and wheat germ, granola is a great way to get a daily dose of super foods.

    Fresh Juice

    We’ve all heard of the recent juice detox and there’s a reason for it. Fresh juice provides you with the essential vitamins found in fruit without having to break down the actual fruit.

    Most importantly, don’t forget Water. Keep yourself hydrated for optimal mind, body and skin. Drinking water from the moment you wake up can jump start your system for the day!

    Now tell us what you eat to stay healthy and your morning skincare routine for a chance to win a Clarisonic and dinner for two by visiting the contest page!

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  • Update your Beauty Routine to be Age Appropriate

    Here at Clarisonic we are all about keeping your skin looking healthy and young.  So much so, that we want to help keep your beauty routine updated accordingly. The eye shadow colors you had in your early 20s may not work so well for you at an older age and your moisturizer might need an extra kick to deal with the changes in your skin.

    The plus side of updating your beauty routine is that you have most likely tried and tested numerous products and know which brands work best for you. The downside is that you might be too comfortable to make the switch to other products.  Below are few tips to update your beauty routine to be age appropriate.

    In your 20s: While this may be prime time to experiment with makeup colors, this is also the time you may start to see the signs of aging appear on your skin. Be sure to include a sunscreen in your daily skincare routine to help prevent aging and always, always moisturize. Exfoliating is also a great way to increase cell turnover rate whether it be with your Clarisonic or other exfoliant.

    In your 30s: Reevaluate those bold colors of your 20s and opt for more versatile makeup shades such as earthy tones for your eyes and peach or rose for the cheeks. Your skin will become a little softer and prevention is always preferable over having to find a solution for an issue. Add in anti-aging and firming products to your skincare routine. The skin around the eye area is extra thin and needs special attention.  Use an eye cream and even better; check out the Opal Sonic Infusion System which provides increased hydration and visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    In your 40s: Wrinkles or creases are generally more established once you enter your 40s. Avoid heavy makeup that tends to accentuate fine lines. Stick to neutral shades and scale back on the eye makeup. Oil and collagen production will have decreased therefore requiring skin care products that offer a boost in these areas. Eliminate powder foundation that can also add to the dryness of your skin.

    In your 50s and beyond: You may notice radical changes in your skin including age or sun spots. Be sure to keep you skin well hydrated with a deep moisturizer. Use a highlighter to lift droopy brows and heighten cheekbones and hide fine lines. Foundation should be used sparingly and you can always add some color with a fresh pink lipstick.

    Do you have any tips for staying age appropriate with your beauty routine?

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  • 5 Tips for Dewy Looking Skin

    *Image courtesy of Fashion Central

    Spring is just around the corner and creating a dewy look can be tricky. This look is perfect for the upcoming season, synonymous with freshness and renewal.  To master a dewy look without appearing too shiny or shimmery, you might want to keep these tips in mind.

    1. Use a moisturizer with a light sheen to it.

    2. Try an illuminating face primer or highlighter. Your goal here is pearly, not shimmery.

    3.  Use a sheer foundation so the illuminating face primer or highlighter can show through, mimicking your skin’s glow.

    4. Finish your makeup with a translucent finishing powder or a vitamin and mineral infused spray.

    5. Eat your Omega-3 fatty acid and anti-oxidants.  This nutrient can be found in salmon, nuts and even certain eggs. With plenty of Omega-3s, your skin will look more radiant.

    Of course, using your Clarisonic will provide the perfect base to achieve that dewy skin look this Spring.

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