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  • Sonic Chat Recap – Pore Minimizing Tips & Tricks with Beauty411

    Our June 18, 2013, Twitter was buzzing with great pore minimizing tips and tricks as we celebrated the launch of our new Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution! We were thrilled to co-host this #TweetChat with Beauty411, a beauty and fashion blogger, who shared great skincare secrets and her favorite products.

    We put together some of our favorite tweets to share with you:

    June Tweet Cloud


    Here are the pore minimizing topics were discussed along with some of your responses:

    Q1: Summer is almost here! How do you change your skincare routine to assure clear pores in warmer weather?

    • @amyl12: “I use a lot of SPF, and I cleanse twice a day, switch to products for oily skin”
    • @stblissout: “I up my use of masks and lighten my products J”
    • @kygurl62689: “I exfoliate both morning and night, and I avoid using foundation and opt for a primer or BB cream instead.”

    Q2: There are a lot of misconceptions about clogged pores. What would you like to know?

    • @cavishki: “I have a problem with black heads. What is the proper way to cleanse my skin?”
    • @MNicoTarm: “Can the deep pore brush head be used on skin with rosacea or is it too harsh?”

    Q3: What are the top three facial skin concerns in the US?

    • @willdamy: “Lines, wrinkles and acne”
    • @poohro: “Wrinkles, Blemishes, Age spots/dark circles”
    • @PhyliciaSP: “Acne, dry skin, and oily skin.. It’s always a bad combination”

    Q4: Clarisonic’s new cleanser is sulfate and paraben-free. What other ingredients do you look for and avoid in your beauty products?

    • @momUNblogger: “I prefer my beauty products to be free of heavy fragrance. It can be too much.”
    • @AgeistBeauty: “I look for products with natural fruit acids and anti-oxidants”

    Q5: What are the contributing factors of pore size?

    • @Banina9: “Stress, age, hormones, genetics, skin care, hydration..”
    • @runaround8: “Sebum production. The more oily your skin, the bigger your pores look.”
    • @VernaeHogue: “Debris and dead skin cells stretching the pores”

    Q6: Makeup tip: Apply w/ downward strokes to reduce appearance of pores. What other tips do you have for us?

    • @mom4everandever: “I wash makeup brushes every other day”
    • @Beauty411: “To clean makeup brushes, a drop of baby shampoo in water works great! Make sure to rinse thoroughly then dry.”

    Missed this #SonicChat? No worries, you can find more information on pore minimizing and our new Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution on our website. You can also test your skincare knowledge with our 30 Prizes in 30 Days Sweepstakes on Facebook, where you can enter to win a Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution of your own.

    As for our next #SonicChat, we will announce the details on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us for updates! Thanks again for another fun #SonicChat!

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  • Sonic Chat Recap – Holiday Trends with Michelle Phan

    Our December 18, 2012 was full of great holiday style and beauty tips from our fans. We had the pleasure of co-hosting with Michelle Phan, a beauty and fashion blogger.

    She chatted holiday trends and shared some tips for a healthy, stylish holiday season.

    We pulled out some of our favorite tweets to share with you: 


    Here are the topics we discussed along with some of your great responses:

    Q1: What are your tips to stay cozy but fashionable in the winter?

    • @Gucchie23: “I love the over sized sweaters with leggings. fashionable and comfortable.”
    • @labyo2do2do: “Layering clothes, wearing skinny jeans & knee high boots, scarf too.”
    • @jeevonkay: “comfortable boots and infinity scarf.”

    Q2: What are you looking for in your dream holiday party look?

    • @MichellePhan: “Lace! I love how lace gives your entire look a romantic classy touch.”
    • @MardelD03: “Shimmer and glow!”
    • @amyl12: “A flattering style, probably navy blue, and some sequin and sheer material.”

    Q3: What beauty products must you have in your purse during the winter?

    • @kygurl62689: “Nivea A Kiss of Shimmer Lip Balm and a moisturizing lotion/hand cream.”
    • @etfani: “Red Plump lipstick.”
    • @amyl12: “A really good lip balm and hand lotion, also some loose face powder.”

    Q4: What are you asking Santa for this year?

    • @LSAS1: “For a healthy and happy family. We are blessed.”
    • @mcgraw14me: “Would love to have some new jeans, boots and a @Clarisonic Mia!!”
    • @MardelD03: “Patience and makeup!”

    Q5: What is the best gift you’ve ever given or received?

    • @momUNblogger: “Best gift I ever received was my barbie corvette back when I was little. It was so, so exciting.”
    • @PaulinaChills: “A pair of diamond earrings I wear them all the time.”
    • @idontlooksick: “Engagement ring designed by my husband w/ stone from his great-grandparents. he gave it 2me 1 yr ago yesterday.”

    With 198 participants, a twitter reach of over 27 million people, and trending nationwide, this was our best #SonicChat yet. Join us on January 22 to try and make the next one even better!

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  • Last Minute Gift Guide with Amber Katz

    December brings festive warm spiked drinks (pass the ‘nog!), family gatherings, your reacquaintance with goose down and of course, the annual mad rush to buy gifts for everyone on your ever-growing list. And is there any better gift than those of the beauty variety? I love them because few recipients would shun a grooming gift. Plus? They manage to seem incredibly personal, though they work for even your most vague associate. Here, my best beauty present recommendations:

    The Clarisonic Mia
    ($149 at
    These adorable multi-colored skin care saviors are perfectly portable and provide a great introduction to the wonder that is the Clarisonic experience. I like to think of it as The Gateway Clarisonic. I don’t leave town without mine. I simply tote it along with a decanted version of my face wash and scrub. One of these will set you back $149, compared to the Clarisonic Classic’s more robust $195 price tag.

    Patyka Refreshing Spearmint Body Wash
    ($45 at
    I love mint in all its various forms. I recently fell so deeply in love with a pack of Carefree Extra gum (Dessert Delights, Mint Chocolate Chip flavor) that I am going to dedicate a full blog post to it. But I find that in the beauty space, spearmint gets precious little press and I’m here to remedy that situation right now. Patyka’s newly revamped scented shower gel evokes the crisp vibe of a fresh sprig of mint but manages to impart just a subtle fragrance post-shower.

    Josie Maran Love Nest Josie’s Argan Favorites
    ($25, exclusive to Sephora)
    This is the best deal in the GALaxy. I adore Josie Maran’s natural makeup items and this limited-edition set includes everything you need to look flawlessly beautiful.  The set contains an Argan Color Stick in Petal Pink (the perfect shade—it flatters my skin tone utterly), Gogo Instant Natural Volume Argan Mascara (won’t dry out brittle lashes), Argan Illuminizer (a makeup bag MVP—it highlights and can be used instead of shadow in a pinch) and 100% Argan Oil (use it to hydrate your face, your split ends, your cuticles—everything!). If a better deal exists, I sure as heckfire don’t know about it.

    Amber Katz is a freelance writer and the founder of Beauty Blogging Junkie, a hilarious pop-culture infused beauty blog that covers everything from eye shadow to hairspray to butt slimmers. Beauty Blogging Junkie has been featured in Women’s Wear Daily‘s list of the top ten beauty blogs. Amber has written for,’s Buzzworthy blog, Philips’ skin care website Crystalize, New York Press and Girlfriend Getaways

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  • My Skin Affair loves Clarisonic

    Written by: Joanna Canton, creator of My Skin Affair ~A skin care guide for the spoiled rotten~

    Take what you want! You can take my favorite pair of jeans, my favorite bag, the dress that makes me feel most beautiful and even that amazing set of bangle bracelets that I recently got for a great deal. Go on, take it all! But, don’t even think about taking my Clarisonic! Look at it! Admire it! Ask me all about it! But…don’t touch!

    Clarisonic takes washing your face to the next level. It takes the dirty pore part of your day away. As the Black Eyed Peas sing in the song Boom, Boom, Pow….”I’m so 3008, you so 2000 and late”. That’s how I feel when I’m dancing around my bathroom with my Clarisonic. Yes, you can use your Clarisonic and dance at the same time. Try it! “I’m so 3008” with my Clarisonic. It takes any and every facial wash I love to the next level. And that’s saying a lot for me because I have many facial washes that I absolutely love. My Clarisonic creates the perfect lather with every wash. It is a lather that my bare hands or a washcloth can’t achieve. Or any other scrub brush, for that matter. It helps all of the good stuff in your facial wash to penetrate your skin and really do what all of those product bottles promise on their labels. Also….hello smooth skin! Having a Clarisonic is a must!

    I review skin care products and feature actresses every month on My Skin Affair, a website that I created. I always ask each actress that I interview about their favorite skin care products. What’s the most common favorite? The Clarisonic! On My Skin Affair, the following actresses have raved about their Clarisonic: Julie Benz, Kate Walsh, Marla Sokoloff, Christine Lakin and Odette Yustman. In addition, I’ve reviewed several spa’s in Los Angeles that use a Clarisonic during their facials for cleansing the skin. The Argyle Spa uses Clarisonic, as does Ole Henriksen Spa and KLS Skin Care. And if you check in with My Skin Affair each time a new actress is featured, I’m confident that you will continue hearing celebrities raving about their Clarisonic.

    I don’t know one person that wouldn’t benefit from owning a Clarisonic. And that goes for you too, Gentlemen. I’ve introduced several male friends of mine to Clarisonic and, although some were hesitant at first, they all loved the feeling of the Clarisonic brush gliding across their faces. Clarisonic is for everyone! I love the feeling of using it and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel.

    When I recently interviewed Odette Yustman, I asked her what her “must have” product is. Her answer: “My skin care must have is the Clarisonic brush. One hundred percent, have to use it! Have to, have to!” And I couldn’t agree with her more.

    Joanna Canton, creator of My Skin Affair, currently resides in Los Angeles, working as an actress and writing for My Skin Affair.

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  • Clarisonic Blog Launch Party featuring Opal

    Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate: Sonic Chatter

    Prominent bloggers from around the Seattle area joined us at Spa Scotta for an evening of celebration and pampering. Attendees were treated to mini-manicures, 15-minute massages, and chances to experience the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System and Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System.

    ABOVE: The fabulous Jackie Du showing off the Opal.

    Guests were invited to experience the Opal Sonic Infusion System and learn more about other Clarisonic products from our resident expert!

    ABOVE: Attendees that signed up were treated to a CND Shellac manicure.

    The rest of the night was spent socializing and celebrating together.

    ABOVE: Some of the fabulous Seattle bloggers posing with the Clarisonic Opal and Clarisonic PLUS.

    Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate. Thank you also to Clarisonic’s Jackie Du and the team at Spa Scotta for making this event possible.

    We look forward to “chatting” with you all again soon. Cheers!

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  • Join Us: Clarisonic TweetChat August 5th

    Do you have any burning questions you’ve been dying to ask us? Have you wanted to learn more about a specific Clarisonic product? Join us on Thursday, August 5th at 1PM PST for our TweetChat. The Clarisonic team will be tweeting live, sharing exclusive info, and answering all your burning Clarisonic questions. To participate in the conversation follow the #Clarisonic hashtag. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter too – find us @Clarisonic.

    Mark your calendars for THIS THURSDAY at 1PM! We hope to chat with you all then!

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  • Welcome to the Clarisonic Blog

    Welcome! We are excited to present to you the Clarisonic blog – Sonic Chatter. As an industry leader for sonic skincare we look forward to sharing with you fabulous health, skincare and beauty tips, tricks and news.

    If you are new to Clarisonic, we welcome and invite you to explore all that Sonic Technology has to offer. Clarisonic is your complete source for supersonic skincare solutions. We are committed to making a super–sonic difference in skin care by developing products that improve the way you care for your skin. If you are a Clarisonic user, we want to say thanks – you are the reason for this blog, we look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you.

    Sonic Chatter will provide you with beauty & industry trends, health & skincare news and fitness tips in addition to sonerific promotions and product information every week. Topics include:

    • Ask Dr. Robb – Wondering what is the best way to clean your brush head or how to most effectively use the Opal? Dr. Robb answers burning questions through instructional posts and videos.
    • Sonic Guest Bloggers – Top beauty and health guest bloggers, SuperFan stories and much much more…
    • Supersonic Superstars – We will honor some of the awesome people that help make Clarisonic an industry leader.
    • From the Pros – Highlights our partners in the medical profession
    • Finally, throughout the week we’ll bring you the latest industry buzz as well as tips and advice so you can become the best you inside and out.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Sonic Chatter. If you see something you like please let us know. If there’s something you’d like to see more of – we want to hear that too!

    As a special bonus we invite you to enter our Blog Celebration Giveaway. Help spread the word about Sonic Chatter by posting it on your Facebook, Twitter or personal blog. Leave a comment below with a link to your post and a few suggestions for what type of info you would like to see covered on the blog. We will randomly select a winner from those you comment. At this time to Blog Celebration Giveaway is closed. We are excited to announce the winner: Danielle (@FaceRadiance) is the winner of the Clarisonic Mia. Thank you to everyone who participated. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Keep coming back to Sonic Chatter for the latest and greatest in sonic skin care.

    Winner will receive a Clarisonic Mia.

    Contest will close July 7th, 2010.

    We look forward to “chatting” with all of you.

    Sonic Regards,
    The Clarisonic Team

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