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  • 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which begs the question, what will you gift your significant other?

    Finding the right gift for your loved one can be a challenging task – you have to get something creative, thoughtful and appropriate for the amount of time you’ve been together.

    Whether you are shopping for him or need a gift for her, check out our Valentine’s Day top 5 gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face:


     1. Flowers 

    You guessed it, if there’s a gift that says “Valentine’s Day,” its flowers. You really can’t go wrong with a bouquet of red roses, or something more long lasting like a beautiful potted orchid.

    2. Chocolate

    Valentine’s Day gives you and your significant other the perfect excuse to forget about your figure and give in to the delicious temptation of chocolate. And no matter what the two of you end up doing, we think this dessert would make a wonderful addition to your romantic date. If the traditional box of truffles won’t do, consider a romantic gesture: making your partner homemade chocolate covered strawberries.

    3. Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System 

    Give your significant other a Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System – her (or his!) skin will look younger, cleaner, and more radiant than ever! From blemished to dry skin, our sonic systems will improve these conditions and will leave skin feeling soft and silky. And remember, men love the Clarisonic just as much as women do. So if you want your man to get a closer shave and reduce that irritating razor burn that he grumbles about, the Clarisonic will make the perfect gift.

    4. Getaway for Two

     Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic getaway for just the two of you! Whisk your partner away to a nice hotel or bed and breakfast – whether it’s right next door to your home or across the ocean, separating yourself from your everyday routine can be magical.

    5. Cooking class 

    Try something new this year and instead of just going out to dinner, take a cooking class where the two of you can create your romantic meal together while sipping wine and sharpening your cooking skills. We think your taste buds won’t be disappointed!

    What will you be gifting your sweetie this Valentine’s Day?

    February 6, 2013 by Clarisonic Comments
  • Romantic Dates for Valentine’s Day

    Instead of going with the age-old box of chocolates or dozen roses, why not try for creating a romantic Valentine’s Day date for your special someone?  We aren’t talking about the fancy restaurant with the pre-set Valentine’s Day menu either.

    Recreate a Special Memory

    Whether it is the first time you said “I Love You”, or the place you first met.  Recreate a date that involves the place or ideas behind that memory and your special someone will surely appreciate your efforts.

    Dates for a Year

    Buy a box of kiddie Valentines and write down different date ideas on each one. The dates can be as simple as a homemade dinner, a trip to the zoo or a picnic in the park. Put the valentines in a decorative box and have your special someone draw one out for Valentine’s Day.

    Take in the Arts

    A trip to a museum or gallery makes you stop and appreciate the beauty in life and in love.

    Get Some Fresh Air

    Whether you opt for a picnic in the park (or your backyard) with your favorite foods or cuddling on the beach in a blanket watching the stars, being outside with your significant other can be refreshing and romantic.

    Have a Sports Day

    Surprise your someone special with memorabilia from their favorite sports team and then make the present extra special by telling them you will be going to the game or match that day.

    Putting in the extra effort and thinking outside of the (chocolate) box on Valentine’s Day is always appreciated. What ideas do you have for romantic dates this Valentine’s Day?

    February 10, 2011 by clarisonic Comments