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  • Beauty Survival Kit: What Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

    Have you ever been invited to a last minute client meeting on ponytail day, or forgot about happy hour with the girls with no time to freshen up? These can happen to anyone but they don’t have to stop you from looking and feeling your best. We’ve put together a list of the essential items every woman should have at her disposal in case of emergency. Remember, a great skin care regimen can’t be replaced by these, but these could help you in a pinch!


    Q-tips: These are a life saver; use them with your hand lotion to remove any smudged makeup to keep you from having dreaded raccoon eyes.

    Sewing kit: Button fall off or get a rip in your outfit? A sewing kit is a great way to make repairs on-the-go.

    Double Sided tape: Not quite on the sewing bandwagon? Double-sided tape can also do the trick to fix rips or keep your clothes in place.

    Stain remover: Don’t let a spill ruin your outfit; keep a travel stain remover on hand for those unfortunate mishaps.

    Blotting tissues: Oily skin can make you look tired, give your skin a quick refresh by removing excess oil. Even if you don’t have your compact, your complexion will thank you and you will arrive fresh faced.

    Hand lotion: The stresses of a busy day and the harsh soaps found in public bathrooms can wreak havoc on your skin. Enter hand lotion. You can also use a small drop to slick back unruly flyaways for a sleek, sophisticated ponytail.

    Lip stain or gloss: Brighten up your lips and use a little extra on your cheeks to give your face a rosy glow.

    What else would you add to your beauty survival kit?

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  • Will My Clarisonic Work When I’m Traveling?

    We love taking vacations but we can’t risk taking a vacation from our skincare. We often recommend the Clarisonic Mia for traveling because of its compact size, but many fans also take their full size systems on-the-go as well. Depending on where you are traveling to, you might wonder, will my Clarisonic work? The Clarisonic Mia, PLUS and PRO all have a universal charger or charging cradle. The universal charger is compatible with international and domestic outlets (100-240 Volts AC; 50/60Hz), with the respective country plug adapter. Therefore, these Clarisonic systems are capable of working worldwide. If the shape of the plug does not fit the outlet, use an attachment plug adapter of the proper configuration for the power outlet. Most travel stores sell these common county-specific adapters. Remember, when fully charged, the Clarisonic Mia lasts for 20, 1-minute uses and the PLUS and PRO last for 30, 1-minute uses (20, 1-minute uses with the body brush attachment). If your vacation is only a week long, you may not even need to bring your charger or charging cradle. Now the only other issue is how to fit

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    your skincare products into those tiny bottles. Good luck and happy travels!

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  • Take a vacation, but not from your skincare

    When you take a break from work to go on vacation make sure you don’t neglect tadalafil 20 mg precio your skin while you are gone. Packing these two viagra pills from canada essentials will help make your vacation better and take some of the stress out of coming home.

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    1. Your favorite moisturizer

    Dry skin may make your entire vacation viagra what to expect more on edge. But a little lotion applied generously can discount pharmacy online uk make you feel a lot better whether your vacation was in a hot or a cold place it will always make your day!

    2. Sun screen, sun screen, sun screen.

    We can’t say it enough! At least SPF http://tadalafilindia-rxonline.com/ 30 is necessary for keeping your skin protected from harmful effects over time. Be sure to apply it half an hour before you plan to go out into the sun.

    You may not notice it right away but your skin will thank you in the long run!

    What are

    generic tadalafil 20mg canadian pharmacy cialis two items you can’t travel without? We’d love to hear cialis looks like your thoughts. Share with us!

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