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  • Ask Dr. Robb: Is the Clarisonic helpful with sun-damaged skin and should pressure be used?

    Dr. Robb answers Rock Newton’s question about Clarisonic results with sun damaged skin and how much pressure should be used when using the Clarisonic. If you have ever wondered if the Clarisonic helps with sun damaged skin and how much pressure you should use when using the Clarisonic, watch the below video featuring our very own Dr. Robb.

    Dr. Robb says: Use sunscreen everyday even if it’s a cloudy day. The Clarisonic is good for smoothing the skin and softening the skin. It allows the other products to go on better, so if you want to use some of the hyperpigmentation products that have acids that’s great. But for getting your skin soft and smooth there is nothing better than the Clarisonic.

    People think it is about scrubbing. What you should do is let the Clarisonic ride on the top of your skin, don’t scrub because if you push too hard, the bristles stop working. We actually built that safety mechanism in.

    Congratulations to Rock Newton Mason who has won a Clarisonic Mia for submitting this question!

    August 22, 2011 by Clarisonic Comments
  • The Clarisonic and Skin Elasticity

    The Clarisonic works within the skin’s elasticity safe range to provide superior cleansing and yet still be gentle. Why do we care about skin elasticity?

    Skin elasticity is the ability of your skin to stretch and then return to its normal state aided by the collagen fibers that make-up the skin. As you age, collagen levels decrease and collagen fibers become fatigued causing the elasticity of your skin to get poorer and therefore not return as efficiently to its normal position. Since stretching the skin can prematurely weaken the collagen fibers,  we designed the Clarisonic to work within the safe zone of skin’s elasticity, where collagen is able to spring back and recover easily.

    The graph allows you see how the Clarisonic works with your skin, not against it. What happens to your skin in region three of the skin elasticity graph? Share with us in the comments to be entered in our weekday Mia Giveaways!

    July 11, 2011 by Clarisonic Comments