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  • The Long-Lasting Manicure

    Do you ever wish your manicure could last longer and not get ruined by cleaning the house or rummaging through your purse leaving you with chipped nail polish? CND’s Shellac Manicure is the new trend in nails and can keep your manicure looking perfect for up to two weeks.

    The first hybrid nail application that blends the strength and shine of a gel nail treatment with the ease of regular nail polish.  The best part about the Shellac nail polish is that while alternating hands to be polished, you are drying the coats under a UV light and ready to go once the manicure is over.  There is no waiting around until the polish dries and then praying you don’t ruin your nails while reaching into your purse for your keys.

    The only drawback to this new nail craze is that it can only be applied in salons and you have to return to the salon to have the polish removed. The manicure is also pricier than a standard manicure, but if you don’t have to return as often, it might be worth it.

    Have you tried the new Shellac manicure? Are you interested in this latest nail trend?

    January 28, 2011 by clarisonic Comments