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  • October : Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    During October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Clarisonic is proud to support our year around charitable partner, Look Good Feel Better.

    The mission of our partnership is to help raise awareness about and help provide funding for Look Good Feel Better‘s free nationwide beauty workshops and other resources that help give women with breast and other cancers the power to feel beautiful again. As you may know, Clarisonic has been involved with Look Good Feel Better since 2010, and has donated more than $2 million to this wonderful cause. In fact, Clarisonic is the largest corporate financial donor in the 23-year history of the Look Good Feel Better program. Look Good Feel Better is a collaboration of the American Cancer Society, The Personal Care Products Council Foundation, and the Professional Beauty Association|National Cosmetology Association. Each year, over 50,000 women participate in more than 15,000 individual workshops led by certified beauty professionals and learn how to deal with treatment related skin and hair loss issues.

    Look Good Feel Better

    Clarisonic Empowered Woman of the Year, Mila Kunis, presenting check on behalf of Clarisonic to Louanne Roark, Executive Director of Look Good Feel Better.

    This October, we again salute the millions of breast cancer survivors whose extraordinary spirit and determination have helped them to battle and overcome cancer. Look Good Feel Better stands ready to help these women regain their self- esteem and confidence as they face the challenge of a lifetime. You can help by helping to spread the word. Please click on the short Look Good Feel Better video below and view it; then share it or tweet it to your friends and family and ask them to also share this valuable

    information. After all, almost everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer. With all of our help, Look Good Feel Better can make a woman’s cancer journey a little brighter and her heart a little lighter by providing understanding, support and encouragement from caring volunteers and other women who have walked in her shoes. We need your help to give women the power to feel like themselves again!

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  • That’s a Wrap!

    Thank you for supporting Look Good…Feel Better by watching our Glamour Reel Moments films. For every film view, Glamour Magazine will donate $1 to the cause. The three female directed films in the series were inspired by real stories by

    real women, proving the impact that women can have in the film industry. In honor of the empowering stories and our inspiring directors, Clarisonic made a $250,000 donation to Look Good…Feel Better to aid in continuing their work helping women with appearance-related side effects of cancer treatments.

    At the premiere, we asked attendees to write a quote on our wall of empowerment. What empowering quote would you add to the wall? Comment below – all of your answers will be entered to win a prize inspired the Glamour Reel Moments film series! You can still watch the films here: Glamour Reel Moments


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  • Free Hugs!

    Olivia Wilde captures the “rock bottom” moment of post-breakup wallowing, when friends lose their patience, and how the pitiless world moves on without you. Follow Billie’s journey in this funny film.

    What type of toy did Billie cut in half with a chainsaw during the film? Comment below and all correct answers will be entered to win a prize inspired the Glamour Reel Moments film series! Watch Free Hugs!

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  • Kaylien

    Zoe Saldana shares the journey of Kaylien on her first day at a new school. Being different, we see the world through her eyes in this heartwarming tale.  Starring: Malin Akerman, Bradley Cooper, Judy Reyes, Isabella Acres, and Kelli Barksdale. Inspired by Glamour Reader Jana Banin.

    What does Kaylien learn from her classmate on the swing set in the film? Comment below and all correct answers will be entered to win a prize inspired the Glamour Reel Moments film series! Watch Kaylien!

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  • A Proper Send Off

    Eva Longoria tells us the story of Alex, a 35-year-old woman who is forced to make a life-changing decision about having a double mastectomy in A Proper Send Off.  Starring: Jacinda Barrett, Sam Page, and Victoria Smurfit. Inspired by Glamour Reader Jan Livingston Mokhtari

    What is the lesson Alex learns from her daughter in the movie? Comment below and all correct answers will be entered to win a prize inspired the Glamour Reel Moments film series! Watch A Proper Send Off!

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  • Lights! Camera! Action!

    This year, Clarisonic was the official sponsor of Glamour Reel Moments. The Glamour Reel Moments program was established in 2004 to place more women in the director’s chair and bring Glamour reader’s stories to the big screen. Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldana and Olivia Wilde join the other 19 A-list actresses who have pushed stereotypes aside and stepped behind the camera to direct a short filmed inspired by real-life stories.  We got the inside access and are bringing it to you, our fans!

    The three actresses discussed their directorial experiences on a panel during a luncheon hosted by Glamour and Clarisonic. The luncheon gave these new directors a platform to discuss the lack of female directors in the film industry; noting that only 7% of directors are women.

    All three ladies noted the difference of being an actress to being a director and in taking on their movie themes of empowerment, discussed these nuances candidly with the crowd of film and beauty bloggers.  Zoe noted that the experience was empowering and made her dream of directing a sci-fi film come true. Eva’s insight into her directorial debut showed that the actress liked the feeling of power of behind the camera best stating, “As an actor, you just hope they edit things right and make you look good. As a director, everything is in your hands. You become very insightful and sharp real quick!”

    When asked about why there is a lack of female made movies, Eva chimed in that the real project is to move the ball down the court. Olivia seconded that, by noting that someone has to be the first and Zoe noted that the pressure isn’t only on the industry but the audience – stating that people need to watch the movies women make for producers to want to make them.

    Eva, Zoe and Olivia all agree that women don’t have to lose their femininity to lead a film crew. They also agree women need to work with men and share the success with other women. But don’t think these women believe they can do it without their masculine counterparts;  Zoe rounded out the conversation of empowering women in film by beaming, “We need them! I love men.”

    As you can see in these photos; these beautiful and strong leading ladies are taking films into their own hands.

    {Eva, Olivia and Zoe behind the camera}

    Clarisonic and Glamour are proud to present these films to our fans and in the spirit of empowerment evident in these films, every film view will raise $1 for Look Good…Feel Better. Sit back, enjoy our films and let us know what you think! http://bit.ly/sfRVQK >Read More

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  • Help Give Women the Power to Feel Beautiful Again

    Once again, Clarisonic is proud to support Look Good…Feel Better®, a non-medical, brand-neutral public service program that teaches beauty techniques to cancer patients to help them manage the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. With our ongoing partnership, we are helpingLook Good…Feel Better to grow awareness of this valuable program and to serve more patients throughout the US. Thanks to your support, we were able to donate more than $1 million to Look Good…Feel Better in 2010! So how does it

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    work? When you purchase the Limited Edition Almond Blossom PLUS, Clarisonic will donate $15 to Look Good…Feel Better. The almond blossom is a symbol of renewal, hope and perseverance. It is also symbolic of how Look Good…Feel Better gives women with cancer the power to look and feel beautiful. We are excited to be able to offer the Facebook “like” campaign again this year — for every new “like” on the Clarisonic Facebook page we will donate $1 to Look Good…Feel Better. Our goal this year is $100,000! Please help us reach our goal by liking our page and sharing with your friends. When you do, you will be eligible to win great prizes! “Like” the page and share the message today!

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  • Look Good…Feel Better Virtual Workshop

    Join our charitable partner, Look Good…Feel Better for its first-ever live, virtual workshop! Look Good…Feel Better realizes that some cancer patients may not be able to attend the program’s two-hour workshops that are normally hosted in hospitals and cancer treatment centers. The virtual workshops will provide most of the benefits, but for those who are unable to attend in person, this new format will enable a patient to participate from the comfort of her own home, office or favorite coffee shop via a live streaming webcast!

    The Look Good…Feel Better workshop will offer tips, advice and instruction on dealing with treatment related hair loss, changes in skin, complexion and nails during cancer treatment.  The workshop will be facilitated by two top-notch volunteer beauty professionals–one of whom is a national Look Good… Feel Better trainer!

    With a portion of proceeds from the sale of each designated PINK Clarisonic cleansing system going to Look Good…Feel Better, as well as fan participation in campaigns such as the Autographed Mia Auction and the Facebook Like Campaign, Clarisonic has raised more than $1 million for the program. Most recently, we received help from Clarisonic’s Empowered Woman of the Year, Mila Kunis, in presenting a check for $250,000 to Look Good…Feel Better! We want to thank all of our customers and fans who have helped make all of this possible.

    We encourage you to learn more about the organization and its work by sitting in on the virtual workshop and making sure to inform anyone you know who might benefit from the Look Good…Feel Better program. We’d love to hear your comments after you’ve seen the webcast!

    Virtual Workshop: Tuesday, April 26th, 2011, 12:00-2:00pm EDT. Webcast will be archived for future viewing.

    To register: Click here!

    The following video will give you a preview of what’s in store for the first-ever  Look Good…Feel Better workshop!

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