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  • Glam It Up For the Holidays

    The holidays are fast approaching which means it’s time to glimmer, shine, and shimmer. With the holiday party invitations

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    already beginning to roll in, we’re sharing our picks for this holiday season’s hottest trends to ensure you look elegant and festive, party after party:

          Glittery Makeup Tis’ the season to break out some sassy and playful holiday makeup – glittery lips, metallic eyes, and luminescent skin all send us into fits of twinkling delight this time of year. We love the smoky eye look for a party, and lining your eyes with a thin sweep of glitter shadow on the upper and lower rims of eye is sure

    to make your eyes twinkle.     Holiday Updos Sweep hair up for a dose of instant drama and feminine flair for all your holiday festivities. An updo is a great way to accentuate your neckline and show off your favorite pair of sparkly earrings.     The perfect party dress Glam it up for the holidays in a glittering sequin dress. This season is all about all things that sparkle, and this pick is sure to dazzle, thanks to its chic, swingy silhouette and the sequins adorning the bodice.     Accessories Make the most of your holidays with the season’s most festive accents. Accessories can help you complete the look at create the perfect ensemble for any event. So be sure to incorporate a lot of metallic tones and sparkle into your shoes, jewelry and other accessories.     What will you wear?   Photo licensed through Creative Commons by Jennuine Captures  

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  • Post Summer Hair Repair

    Fall’s deep and rich color palette is no match for beach bleached and sun scorched hair. So now that the summer is officially over, it’s time to pay some extra attention to your hair.

    With all this hot weather and fun summer activities, chances are you spent more time outdoors this summer than you do during the rest of the year, therefore exposing your hair to sun, sand, salt, and chlorine – all of which can wreak havoc on the color and texture of your hair.

    Make your hair healthy, shiny, and smooth with these tips for post summer hair repair:

    • Trim split ends – Getting a mini hair trim doesn’t have to sacrifice length, remove a bit of hair from the ends to snip the split ends in the bud.
    • Replace lost moisture – Moisturize your dehydrated hair by applying an intense hydrating hair mask, such as Moroccan Oil, on a weekly basis.
    • Apply straightening cream – If you hair feels frizzier than usual, try swapping your regular hair styling products for a straightening cream, which is designed specifically to make your hair look smoother.
    • Detangle your hair using a wide-tooth comb – Start brushing at your ends and work up to your roots to minimize tangles. The hair straightening cream should help detangle your hair, making brushing a breeze.
    • Take

      cold water showers – Hot water dries skin and hair, adding to that summer hair crunch. Thirty seconds under cold running water will help seal the cuticles on the hair shaft, trapping moisture in the hair and creating that beautiful hair shine.

    • Protect from future damage – Try applying Grapeseed Oil to you hair whenever heading out into the sun this fall. It is capable of protecting the hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees, making sure you can start getting your hair back to normal as soon as possible.
    • Nourish your hair with a homemade avocado mask – Just mash an avocado and put it on your hair for five to seven minutes. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off the mask once it had enough time to soak in all the nutrients.

    Look your best this season with glowing skin and healthy hair. Follow these tips to revive the ravages of summer and your hair will be an expression of the depth and richness of fall.


    Photo by The Devil Saint

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  • Hairstyles that Flatter your Face Shape

    Summer is about to kick into high gear, so we’re covering which trends will be sizzling this summer and how to incorporate your unique style and features into the mix. Your face shape, hair texture and hair thickness are great natural guidelines for determining the hair style that best highlights your features. Before scheduling your next appointment with your stylist, take a look at these tips for personalizing your haircut and style to your face shape: Oval Faces – An oval face is the most versatile as most hairstyles look good with it. This face shape is well proportioned so there are plenty of ways to show off your style

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    while looking your best. To make the most of your oval face, try getting a long cut with layers near your cheekbones, lips, or chin, depending on what feature you’d like to accentuate. If you’re looking to keep it light this summer, consider getting a short cut or a shoulder-length style. For a beach ready look, waves or curls are also a great option. Just make sure to choose a hairstyle that doesn’t cover your beautiful face shape. Heart Shaped Faces – Women with heart-shaped faces should consider flattering hairstyles that consist of deep side bangs or layers. If you want to soften a somewhat pointy chin, drawing attention to your eyes and cheekbones should do the trick. Any textured chin-length hairstyles will suit this shape wonderfully. A great summer choice is getting a short cut with fullness around the jaw line. Want to get bangs? Just make sure that they are side-swept instead of going straight across, so that your face doesn’t appear shorter and wider.     Round Faces – For women who have this face shape, the secret to a great hairstyle is to deflect attention from the roundness of your face. Long hair looks absolutely stunning on round faces because it lengthens the face, but if you prefer a shorter look, be sure to stay away from cuts that stop at the chin as hairstyles that frame the face simply emphasize the round shape. Center parts and deep side parts are a great way to complement this shape. Try choosing an asymmetrical cut that adds angles and minimizes volume.     Square Faces – If you have a square face, select a long hairstyle that softens the strong angles of the face. Consider a layered cut that starts at the jawline and sports a center or a deep side part. Wispy forward falling hair will soften the square lines of your face. Having your bangs swept over to one side minimizes this shape, while parting your hair in the middle can work against you. If you go with a shorter hairstyle, stay away from cuts shorter than chin length as well as one-layer bobs and solid straight bangs. Remember that updos are huge this season and are a great look for oval, square, round and heart face shapes.

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  • How to grow long hair fast

    Does your hair grow slowly or get to a certain length then suddenly stall?, Follow these simple scalp scrubbing techniques to take care of your hair! 1. Rub and Scrub. You wouldn’t stick your face under a spout to clean it, would you? Just like your face, your scalp

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    needs to be touched. “New hair has trouble sprouting through a layer of dirt, oil, and old skin cells,” says Kingsley (from….). He suggests massaging your scalp vigorously with a scalp brush or the pads of your fingers for two minutes before you shower. Learn how to give your roots a mega boost. 2. Pamper your hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners that contain moisturizing shea butter or avocado oil which keep strands saturated. “Proper saturation is key for growth since brittle, splitting strands break off before they can get long,” says San Francisco cosmetologist Paradi Mirmirani. Learn how to party-proof your curls. 3. Rethink your styling routine. Heat from curling irons and strengtheners and friction (from hair brushes and combs) can damage hair’s protective covering, or cuticle, making strands susceptible to breakage. To avoid breakage detangle with a wide-tooth comb, use heat-shielding sprays before styling, and declare Sunday a lazy-do (natural hair) day. “Laying off the blow-dryer or iron once a week can help,” Serratore says. For easy waves, braid wet hair; unravel when it’s dry. Watch this video to get loose, sexy waves.

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  • Keep your up-do looking fabulous

    Have you ever styled your hair for a special occasion only find yourself stuck to the pillow the next morning from too much hair spray? Cosmopolitan gives you a few easy tips to keep your hair looking picture perfect the morning after!

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    chignon; it’s easiest if you do it without a mirror. Make a low ponytail behind one cialis v viagra ear, and then cialis better than viagra on the last loop, pull hair through partway to form a messy bun. Voila! You have a quick and easy up-do that will leave you looking grapefruit and cialis fabulous morning and night. Do canada pharmacy you have tips and tricks for making your formal hairdo last? We’d love to hear them!

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