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  • 6 Essential Items for your Gym Bag


    Whether it is taking care of your skin, eating right, or staying active, we at Clarisonic are all about living a healthy lifestyle. As part of a great daily routine, we should all try to include some type of physical activity. The majority of us love to stay active outdoors but busy schedules and the weather can get in the way. Heading to the gym may be the most convenient way to get an amazing workout into that jam packed schedule of yours.

    Here are 6 essential items we believe every gym bag should have:

    1. Music Player

    The tread mill and elliptical can be very monotonous, so listening to music can be a great motivator. Creating a playlist with your favorite upbeat songs will surely help get you through your workout in no time.

    2. Flip Flops

    A great line of attack in good hygiene is to bring your own flip flops to the gym. If you are going to hop into the shower, this can be a simple and easy way to cut your chances of contracting a gross fungal infection on your feet.

    3. Deodorant

    We all want to smell fresh and clean after a great workout, especially if we have somewhere important to go. Try a clear, natural deodorant to stay dry and battle unwanted odor and minimizes streaks on your clothes.

    4. Towel

    Another must have is a personal towel, to wipe yourself down after a shower or after a hard workout.

    5. Water Bottle

    Always bring a water bottle. Staying hydrated before, during, and after a fantastic workout is important. Opt for a stainless steel BPA-free water bottle. Not only does a portable water bottle cut down on plastics entering our landfills, studies have shown that BPA may have harmful effects on the body.

    6. Mini Product Bottles

    Keep you gym bag stocked with mini bottles filled with your regular skincare products. Just because you may have to shower at the gym, doesn’t mean you should neglect your skincare.

    As a Clarisonic fan, what do you pack in your bag when hitting the gym?

    May 16, 2011 by clarisonic Comments
  • Health and Wellness: New Exercising Ideas for the New Year


    Every year it seems the most common New Year’s resolution is to exercise more and lose weight.  The first instinct is usually to join the gym. However, we have all seen the influx of members the first two weeks of January and then they slowly disappear.  So why not try something a little different than heading over to the gym and tackle two resolutions with one activity: try something new and get more exercise.

    On a crisp winter day with the sun shining, it is hard to beat a nice hike. Not only will you get fresh air and connect with nature, you are also getting workout.  The uneven ground provides a natural variety instead of constantly changing the incline on the treadmill or elliptical. If you want a more intense workout, head up to the mountains and go snowshoeing. If you happen to be near water, kayaking can provide a great workout for your upper body as well.

    If the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor workout, head over to an indoor rock climbing facility and you might surprise yourself with what a fun activity this can be. Another great option for indoor workouts is a dance class.  A workout that can be useful on the dance floor is always a good bet.

    Whip yourself into shape by joining a boot camp session. These classes are geared towards ultimate fitness and will surely jumpstart your workout routine. If you want to continue to sweat it out, go to a hot yoga or martial arts class. Hot Yoga could be the extra oomph added on to your regular yoga routine. If it’s cardio you are looking for, martial arts classes will definitely get your heart pumping.

    Do you have any favorite alternatives to the gym?

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  • Health and Wellness: Staying Healthy During the Holidays

    The holidays are synonymous with large meals, treats and parties. Staying on track with your regular, healthy routine can be a challenge when you are constantly confronted with appetizers and delicious treats and drinks at holiday parties. Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t need to go by the wayside this holiday season if you keep a few ideas in mind.

    The calendar fills up during the holiday season making it difficult to squeeze in a workout. Incorporate your exercise regimen into your holiday plans by taking longer walks at lunch, planning shorter, more intense workouts, parking further from the mall or even participating with friends or family in a game of Kinect or Wii. Even if you can’t make it to the gym, the goal is always to remain active.

    Holiday Treats
    Your office might have morphed into a smorgasbord of treats, but this doesn’t mean you have to go overboard. Planning out your day in advance with meals, snacks and opting for healthier treats will help you curb cravings. Holiday nuts or seasonal fruits like satsumas or tangerines and cranberries are always a good option. Being able to resist might be tough so if you do indulge, make it count. Don’t choose an item you can have any old time of the year.

    The calories in drinks can sneak up on you. With all the delicious latte flavors and egg nog, it’s not hard to consume a meal’s worth of calories in one drink. Pay attention to your choices and you can still be festive but opt for an organic cider or dark chocolate cocoa.

    Holiday Meals
    Meals around this time of the year are a little more generous than other times. Try not to fill up on appetizers and treat the day like any other having complete meals instead of starving yourself for the main event. Making smarter choices like lean turkey, vitamin-rich sweet potatoes instead of other starches, vegetables not covered in dressing or butter and dark chocolate instead of cookies will help ward off the holiday weight gain.

    Now that you know some of our secrets to surviving the holidays, what tips do you have?

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