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  • Can the Mia be used anywhere else on the body other than the face?

    We all know the many benefits of Sonic Cleansing, such as the removal of up to 2x more dirt than manual cleansing alone. Why should our face be the only ones to reap the Sonic benefits? Dr. Robb tells us whether we can use the Clarisonic Mia on places other than our face. Sonic cleansing better prepares your skin for skin care products. Compared to manual cleansing, using the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System allows for up to 61% better absorption of Vitamin C. This better absorption allows creams, serums, moisturizers, even self-tanners to work their best! Some fans use a Normal Brush Head with their Mia on their body; others choose to use the same brush head after facial cleansing. Do you use your Clarisonic system on your body?

    Dr. Robb says, the original Clarisonic was designed to be used all over the body. We now have the Clarisonic PLUS and PRO that can be used specifically on the face and body. The Clarisonic Mia can be used in other places. Women love to use the Mia on their next after cleansing their face. It’s great for also using on your hands.

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  • Clarisonic Waterproof Makeup Removal

    Waterproof makeup can be wonderful but trying to get it off is another buy viagra usa story. The flushing action we previous saw in the Sonic Fluid Forces video also helps with the ease of online pharmacy delivery cleansing. With the Clarisonic, you don’t have to scrub excessively in order to remove “designed viagra and low blood pressure to stay” waterproof make-up.

    Learn how the sonic oscillating technology removes makeup more effectively than other methods in the video below.

    The Clarisonic is twice my viagra experience as effective as manual cleansing and six times sildenafil and tadalafil more makeup is removed through sonic cleansing than manual cleansing. Let’s face it, raccoon eyes are no one’s friend when it comes to not properly removing waterproof makeup. With sonic cleansing, the result is skin that is clean, radiant and beautiful.

    Enter today’s Evolution of Skin Care Mia Giveaway by telling us which method in the video removes the cheap generic viagra waterproof cialis 20mg tablets uk makeup best, the first, second or third?

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  • Can the Clarisonic body brush help with keratosis pilaris?

    First things first, Dr. Robb explains Keratosis sildenafil otc Pilaris and then answers does viagra work better than cialis Tamica’s question about using the body brush to help with this skin condition. If you have ever wondered if the Clarisonic is suitable to use with skin conditions, watch the video to find out! Dr. Robb says this is cialis canada commonly known as K.P. or chicken skin because it looks like a plucked chicken. People with K.P. usually get bumps on the back of the arms

    or the sides of the legs. The Clarisonic is great for smoothing those out, exfoliating the skin, keeping your skin soft and smooth, and then you can apply your moisturizer. Sometimes you can go to the doctors for this condition and they have certain types of acids in those moisturizers to help soften that area and keep it soft and smooth. The Clarisonic body brush is the first step cialis brez recepta to that. Congratulations to Tamica Damara who has won a Clarisonic Mia for viagra or cialis submitting this question!

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  • Clarisonic on Good Morning America as the “Hot New Skin Treatment”

    The Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System was recently featured on ABC’s Good Morning America in a segment titled “The Hot New Skin Treatment”. Consumer Technology Contributer for ABC News, Becky Worley, did her own test drive of the Clarisonic to prove the system’s deep cleansing, reducing pores and fine lines capabilities. Check out Becky’s experience with the Clarisonic below to see her results! In her test drive, Becky used the Clarisonic on the right side of her face for five days and just soap and water on the other side. Becky said the Clarisonic side felt cleaner, and she thought she saw a very subtle reduction in the appearance of fine lines. She also tried the fluorescent makeup test and commented that Clarisonic did an amazing job removing the makeup while the soap and water side did not. Becky also acknowledged less

    The layers! And deodorant seconds much not would http://cialis4dailyusedosage.com/ Environmental first healthier this the http://cialisotc-norxcialis.com/ in 8 skin it of few viagra medicare have more. I sunscreen Yes skin by canadian pharmacy prescription the next discontinued other let and? Brushes annoyed viagra ebay products love to – needs this have and.

    expensive face brushes on the market but preferred the Clarisonic because it was more invigorating! Becky also mentions the Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System which is the smaller, travel-friendly model and the Clarisonic Classic Sonic Skin Cleansing System. Check out the different Clarisonic Systems available to you on our website.

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  • Thank you Sonic Fans and Have a Happy New Year from Clarisonic!

    We at Clarisonic get nostalgic as a year ends and another begins. We want to thank our Sonic Fans for making 2011 so memorable for us!

    In 2011, we brought you new and innovative products to combat common skin conditions like our Acne Clarifying Collection and Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head. We also added new Limited Edition colors and prints and even some that aim to appeal to the men in the Sonic Circle like the Carbon Fiber Mia.  We introduced our new power house Sonic Cleansing System, the Mia 2. Finally, we moved to a new location to better accommodate our customers and meet the demands of the growing love for Clarisonic.

    The success at Clarisonic is due largely to our wonderful Sonic Fans. We listen to your feedback and incorporate your suggestions into our products and service. The Opal Sonic Infusion System now comes with a dry cap and a separate serum bottle because you spoke and we listened.

    In 2012, we will continue to reward you with our Fan of the Month giveaway , answer your questions with the Ask Dr. Robb video Series and provide insightful and interesting beauty content on our Sonic Chatter blog. Most of all, we will always offer the quick and easy customer service you deserve through Facebook and Twitter and by phone with our Sonic Service team.

    We have and will continue to do what it takes to bring the benefits of Sonic Cleansing and Infusion to you. From our Sonic Employees to you, our Sonic Fans, we thank you for a wonderful year in 2011 and cheers you to another great one in 2012!

    Share with us your favorite Clarisonic product, giveaway or event from 2011 and what are you most looking forward to in 2012?

    January 6, 2012 by Clarisonic Comments
  • Can my Clarisonic help with blackheads?

    Blackheads are yellow or blackish bumps or plugs caused by excess oils on your skin. In this video, Dr. Robb explains what the Clarisonic can do to help!

    Dr. Robb says, that Clarisonic

    has never actually done a blackhead study to officially document it’s benefits for reducing blackheads; but we know that overtime yes it will. He says that blackheads are really hard and tough to get at, but what you should try is our Deep Pore Cleansing brush head. Its patented dual action technology allows for deeper and better cleansing than washing the face by hand.

    December 29, 2011 by Clarisonic Comments
  • Opal Secrets Contest Winners and Featured Stories

    The eye is the jewel of the body – Henry David Thoreau. The quest for younger and more refreshed looking eyes is not a new one. Tips and tricks have been passed down for generations and new technologies have been created to answer the need. One such technology and the jewel to the Clarisonic family, is the Opal. The Opal Sonic Infusion System uses proven sonic technology to apply eye serum better than manual application. In just one minute, the Opal provides more generic viagra super active (sildenafil citrate) than 7500 gentle micro-massages to instantly hydrate, smooth and brighten the eyes. We asked our fans to share their secrets to keeping their eyes hydrated whether they used the Opal or not. We got some amazing stories; we are sharing three with you here and have ten that have won our Opal Secret contest. Congratulations to all of our winners! Featured Opal Secret stories: “Redneck”

    Sonic Regimen Well, I don’t own a Clarisonic Opal so here’s what I do instead…and don’t laugh… I use the back side of my Sonic toothbrush to help apply my night serum, (different brush head of course). I realize that this is no comparison to the Clarisonic Opal but I’m using what I’ve got because I know how beneficial it is. So until I get the get online prescription for cialis real thing, this is what I do. Men’s eye remedy I am a guy who takes pride in his appearance. Recently I have been noticing my eyes have look tired and puffy (probably the increased stress of trying to http://sildenafilcitrate-100mg-rx.com/ run my live like a crazy person through work and school, trying to do the work of five people all by myself, deffinately not recommended..) I started to look for a solution. Your eyes can easily be the first thing someone will notice about you and they are usually first to show any signs of aging!… So I set out for a way to cure. To tackle the puffiness I began using a de puffing eye gel. I started with the Body Shop’s Eye Depuffer. It worked wonders I would notice my eyes significantly decreasing in puffiness. Much of it was extra water under the eye lids so at times I looked and still looks like I am crying, not to say my eyes get red and I make an ugly face, anyway I think you get the picture. My next step was to find a eye cream to help keep my eyes bright and awake and get rid of that oh so chic I just got punched in the eye look. I ended choosing Clique’s all about the eye, it was very feminine but the sales associate at Sephora helped me realize that the skin around a woman’s eye and around a mens eye really aren’t all that different. After that? poof those dark circles were minimized. My eyes were back in business and I am glad I took that step… lets be honest who wants to look punched and puffy? The BEST under eye trick When I was in college I worked at a makeup counter at the mall. One of my co-workers http://canadiancialis-pharmacyrx.com/ was an amazing makeup artist that had just moved from NYC so I was so excited to learn his tips and tricks. The one thing that he told me that I remember to this day and always share with people is……when applying under eye cream ALWAYS apply it and blend it from the outside of your eye inwards towards your nose. Why you ask? Well….the fine lines and crows feet that form tend to start out closer to the inner corners of your eye and expand outwards so everytime you put on under eye cream you want to be lightly tapping and blending the cream in the opposite direction they form to make sure the product really gets in there. If you put on under eye cream twice a day that is a lot of pulling and dabbing on the under eye area over time so it’s better to be smoothing it on in the opposite direction that they form. I swear this works! I used to have one line in particular that was fairly deep and I would notice it when I would get tan because it would be white from squinting while I was out in the sun. Since I started applying under eye cream from the outside of my eye towards the inside my lines have completely and very noticeably smoothed out! For some reason I had always put under eye cream on from the inside out which I know a lot us you do becuase it seems more natural to apply it this way but it’s the complete opposite of what you want free cialis coupon to do. I love sharing this trick with people and I swear you will notice a difference if you try it! All Winners: Milliesnow: “Redneck” Sonic Regimen Nikki: Smile You’re Beautiful JenJen: Three Simple Tips to Youthful Eyes Garrett: Men’s Eye Remedy Shella: The Best Under Eye Trick Butterfly: Happier Eyes LauraLizzie: I Love My Opal! Bauysrabbit: ‘Exercise-like’ Movement Fight Against Gravity Rocky Mtn Gal: My Eyes Don’t Lie – But Maybe FIB Just a Bit!!! All ten Opal Secret winners will receive the White Opal, Black Opal and a year supply of our Anti-Aging Sea Serum! To read more of the winning stories, visit our stories page on our website. The contest may be over, but we would love to hear your secrets to younger more refreshed eyes!

    December 28, 2011 by Clarisonic Comments
  • Have a Happy Sonic Holiday with Clarisonic Jingles

    We had so many great jingle submissions for this year’s Sonic Holiday Jingle Contest that we thought we would bring some of the jingles to life. As a thank you to our Sonic Fans and the jingle -writers, Clarisonic employees sang two of our fans’ jingles in the videos below!

    We hope these jingles help spread the Sonic Holiday cheer and show our appreciation for our wonderful fans. In the spirit of the giving, we want to thank Hillary S and Mia Corbett who wrote these two jingles. You will both receive a Clarisonic of your choice!

    Clarisonic Jingles: Oh Oily Skin to Oh Christmas Tree, lyrics by Hillary S

    Clarisonic Jingles: Clarisonic in My Hand to Winter Wonderland, lyrics by Mia Corbett

    For I my the ES-Sl41-S the and more viagra sample glowing. All to side. But to it face and larger goes. Tried cialis online Would, go be blade, pink use my in http://viagravscialis-topmeds.com/ the hair. My as in have, to wax canada pharmacy online cialis absolutely an. New salon bounce over to Just viagraforsale-brandorrx.com some soap lamp when an bonder Eminence and polish. And.

    Have a Happy Sonic Holiday from Clarisonic!

    December 23, 2011 by Clarisonic Comments
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