Sonic Chat Recap – Pore Minimizing Tips & Tricks with Beauty411

Our June 18, 2013, Twitter was buzzing with great pore minimizing tips and tricks as we celebrated the launch of our new Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution! We were thrilled to co-host this #TweetChat with Beauty411, a beauty and fashion blogger, who shared great skincare secrets and her favorite products. We put together some of our favorite tweets to share with you: June Tweet Cloud   Here are the pore minimizing topics were discussed along with some of your responses: Q1: Summer is almost here! How do you change your skincare routine to overdose cialis assure clear pores in warmer weather?

  • @amyl12: “I use a lot of SPF, and canada online pharmacy I cleanse twice a day, switch to products for oily skin”
  • @stblissout: “I up my use of masks and lighten my products J”
  • @kygurl62689: “I exfoliate both morning and night, and I avoid using foundation and opt for a primer or BB cream instead.”

Q2: There are a lot of misconceptions about clogged pores. What would you like to know?

  • @cavishki: “I have a problem with black heads. What is the proper way to cleanse my skin?”
  • @MNicoTarm: “Can the deep pore brush head be used on skin with rosacea or is it too harsh?”

Q3: What are the top three facial pharmacy schools in canada for international students skin concerns in the US?

  • @willdamy: “Lines, wrinkles and acne”
  • @poohro: “Wrinkles, Blemishes, Age spots/dark circles”
  • @PhyliciaSP: “Acne, dry skin, and oily skin.. It’s always a bad combination”

Q4: Clarisonic’s new cleanser is sulfate and paraben-free. What other ingredients do you look for and avoid in your beauty products?

  • @momUNblogger: “I prefer my beauty products to be free of heavy fragrance. It can be too much.”
  • @AgeistBeauty: “I look for products with natural fruit acids and anti-oxidants”

Q5: What are the contributing factors of pore size?

  • @Banina9: “Stress, age, hormones, genetics, skin care, hydration..”
  • @runaround8: “Sebum production. The more oily your skin, the bigger your pores look.”
  • @VernaeHogue: “Debris and dead skin cells stretching the pores”

Q6: Makeup tip: Apply w/ downward strokes to reduce cialisfromindia-onlinerx appearance of pores. What other tips do you have for us?

  • @mom4everandever: “I wash makeup brushes every other day”
  • @Beauty411: “To clean makeup brushes, a drop of baby shampoo in water works great! Make sure to rinse thoroughly then dry.”

Missed this #SonicChat? cialis does not work with alcohol No worries, you can find more information on pore minimizing and our new Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution on our website. You can also test your skincare knowledge with our 30 Prizes in 30 Days Sweepstakes on Facebook, where you can enter to win a Deep Pore Detoxifying Solution of your own. As for our next #SonicChat, we will announce the details on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow us for updates! Thanks again for another fun #SonicChat!

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