Have a Happy Sonic Holiday with Clarisonic Jingles

We had so many great jingle submissions for this year’s Sonic Holiday Jingle Contest that we thought we would bring some of the jingles to life. As a thank you to our Sonic Fans and the jingle -writers, Clarisonic employees sang two of our fans’ jingles in the videos below!

We hope these jingles help spread the Sonic Holiday cheer and show our appreciation for our wonderful fans. In the spirit of the giving, we want to thank Hillary S and Mia Corbett who wrote these two jingles. You will both receive a Clarisonic of your choice!

Clarisonic Jingles: Oh Oily Skin to Oh Christmas Tree, lyrics by Hillary S

Clarisonic Jingles: Clarisonic in My Hand to Winter Wonderland, lyrics by Mia Corbett

Have a Happy Sonic Holiday from Clarisonic!