What’s the inspiration behind the Clarisonic?

With 42 national and international patents, the Clarisonic is one of a kind. Clarisonic fan, Pia Ianna, asks Dr. Robb what the inspiration is behind the Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System and he is here to answer!

Dr. Robb says, WE looked at congested pores and tried to find a way we could move and wiggle them in a certain way using Sonic Technology to deeply cleanse them. One of our founders wondered if the make-up of that plug had different physical properties than the surrounding skin, and is there some way to move the skin to loosen that so you have super clean skin. I think we’ve done it with the Clarisonic! The inspiration behind the Clarisonic is the sonic technology (from the Sonicare Toothbrush) that allows for a deeper cleanse than your hands alone.

Congratulations to Pia Ianna who has won a Clarisonic Mia for submitting this question!