Best Bridesmaids Gifts

Wedding season is upon us and we love weddings! With all the joys that come with weddings there is also a lot of planning. We’ve put together some bridesmaid gift ideas that will surely spoil your favorite ladies.

First and foremost you want to have gorgeous glowing skin, right?

Clarisonic Mia is a great take home present for any bridesmaid. You can personalize each Mia to a bridesmaid with color choices and a personalized beauty mark. The Clarisonic is great for prepping your skin and your bridesmaids’ skin for the big day! Be sure to check out our Bridal Bundles!

Jewelry is a popular bridesmaid gift and for a good reason. You can choose jewelry from any price range; from vintage to modern jewelry. It can be re-worn and cherished for years. Similar dresses with mis-matched jewelry are a new trend in bridesmaid fashion and can help make your present more personalized.

A Spa Day can be a great bonding time for you and your bridesmaids. The day can be planned before the wedding and can include manicures and pedicures or a massage. Monogrammed robes can add a personalized touch to the day and leave your bridesmaids feeling like they were queen for a day.

A Clutch is chic and practical. It will carry wedding day necessities and will add another coordinated element into your big day. Plus, who doesn’t love a new clutch?

What is your ideal bridesmaid gift?

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