Fan Results for the Clarisonic Mia Colors!

The green movement has never been trendier and we realized this by asking our Clarisonic fans: What should the next color be for the Clarisonic Mia?

We got some amazing feedback and some cool, fun ideas!

With Spring finally here and Summer just around the corner, it made sense that sunset orange, coral, and hot pink, came up as popular ideas.  Zebra and leopard print were also lively and exotic, suggestive designs most likely due to the recent availability of prints on QVC and at Sephora.

The color that we found to be on the minds of most of our fans was the color green. We saw different shades, hues, and tones. From lime to kiwi to neon and emerald, it looks like Clarisonic fans love everything about the color green! It makes sense why the color is so popular, while the sight of it can be calming and pleasant, the color green can also be active, exciting, and sporty.

Here are the most popular color suggestions from our fans:

1. Lime Green

2. Hot Pink

3. Orange

4. Silver

5. Coral

6. Black

7. Gold

8. Emerald Green

9. Polka Dots

10. Kiwi Green

Thank you for your great suggestions, Clarisonic fans!

If you haven’t already, give us your opinion- what do you think the next color or print design should be for the Clarisonic Mia?