Solving Beauty Disasters One at a Time

While out and about, you might be faced with a beauty disaster that requires a quick fix. We’ve put together some solutions to common beauty mishaps that will help fix a disaster in no time.

Broken Bra Strap

If you aren’t prepared with safety pins, you can always tuck the strap into your cup or wrap it around the back of the bra to finish out the day or night.

Spill on Your Clothes

First off, do not rub the stain. Dip a napkin in water and lightly blot the stain. Use the wet part of the napkin and then the dry part underneath the fabric to soak it up.  A Tide pen is always a good item to have on hand for these situations as well.

Oily Hair

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to squeeze in a wash. Enter dry shampoo. This little life saver will make your locks look less oily and greasy. Another option is baby powder. Be sure to fully rub the powder in to avoid white roots.

Run in Your Tights

The best way to assure the snag does not get worse is to apply clear nail polish.  Take care in wearing jewelry that won’t cause snags and keep your fingernails filed.

Static Hair

Your hair may have looked perfect leaving the house but now you are faced with flyaway strands all over the place. The quick fix is to put a dab of lotion on your hands and smooth it over the strands. If you constantly have this problem, carry a dryer sheet with you to smooth down the static.

Do you know any quick fixes for beauty disasters? We would love to hear them so we can always be prepared!