5 Tips for Dewy Looking Skin

*Image courtesy of Fashion Central

Spring is just around the corner and creating a dewy look can be tricky. This look is perfect for the upcoming season, synonymous with freshness and renewal.  To master a dewy look without appearing too shiny or shimmery, you might want to keep these tips in mind.

1. Use a moisturizer with a light sheen to it.

2. Try an illuminating face primer or highlighter. Your goal here is pearly, not shimmery.

3.  Use a sheer foundation so the illuminating face primer or highlighter can show through, mimicking your skin’s glow.

4. Finish your makeup with a translucent finishing powder or a vitamin and mineral infused spray.

5. Eat your Omega-3 fatty acid and anti-oxidants.  This nutrient can be found in salmon, nuts and even certain eggs. With plenty of Omega-3s, your skin will look more radiant.

Of course, using your Clarisonic will provide the perfect base to achieve that dewy skin look this Spring.