Skin Care Essentials: New Year’s Skin Resolutions

Now that we have started a New Year, there is no better time than to take your skincare into your own hands. Just because another year means another birthday and a year older, doesn’t mean the effects have to be seen on your skin. We’ve compiled a list of skincare resolutions for 2011 to help keep your skin looking fresh and young. Don’t Sleep with Your Makeup On Your skin needs time to breathe and wearing makeup non-stop can clog your pores. Wear Sunscreen

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Daily Although you may not be in the sun every day, using a moisturizer with an SPF will help fight the signs of aging caused by the sun even when it is overcast outside. Don’t Pick Your Skin We all know how tempting it is to pick or scratch a blemish, but this is only prolonging the problem and could possibly result in a scar. Drink Plenty of Water Many people don’t drink nearly as much water as the recommended daily amount. Eight glasses a day is a must and your skin will thank you for it. Get Your Beauty Sleep During the night, our skin restores itself from the effects of stress, makeup and harmful elements. Inadequate sleep can show through your skin with unwanted dark circles and fine lines so be sure to get your beauty sleep. Exercise Around the holidays we can fall out of our routine of exercising so the New Year is great time to get back into the swing of things. Sweating out your skins impurities through exercising is one healthy way to have


glowing skin. Cleanse With Your Clarisonic! Try to keep up a regular routine of cleansing with your Clarisonic. We all know life can be hectic getting ready in the mornings and for bed, but aim to use your Clarisonic on a regular basis instead of at random intervals so your skin is accustomed to the sonic cleansing. Now that we have shared some skincare resolutions for 2011, we want to know yours! Share with us in the comments!

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