Stop multitasking and sharpen your concentration

To keep up with the craziness of balancing our everyday lives, we tend to multitask. According to Women’s Health multitasking may not always be good for our brain. We might actually get more done by doing less.

Here are some quick tips to help you stop multitasking and start taking care of yourself:

  • Savor Your Senses – take a moment to focus on a single sense like breath, taste or vision. Shut down the rest of your senses and take a moment to savor the experience.
  • Do the “Tree” – Fine-tune your focus with yoga or a similar activity that requires your total concentration.  In particular, the tree pose requires you to be mentally and physically in tune
  • Embrace the Silence – Channel the inner child in you and take a time-out. Meditation is a great way to connect but if it isn’t for you just try to avoid distractions for a while.
  • Consider Your Actions – Give up multitasking all together – challenge yourself for one month.
  • Keep Careful Track – Multitasking at work can make it difficult to switch gears between projects or meetings during the day; your brain can’t always keep up with you.

As we transition into fall and the seasons change we challenge you to take a moment and reconnect with your mind and body. This fall it’s all about rejuvenation, and giving up multitasking is a great way to reconnect with what’s important – your authentic self.

Do you think you could give up multitasking for a month? We want to hear your thoughts!