Top beauty trends for Fall 2010

“To everything there is a season” and summer is winding down giving way to the changing of leaves and the beauty of fall. The pastel colors and bright hues of summer give way to subtle hues and dark colors. We’ve tracked down the top beauty trends for the new season and share them with you here so you can look your best as the seasons change.

According to Allure  Magazine, these are the hair and makeup looks you need to know for Fall:


1. Crazy Shadow


2. Hot Buns


3. Dark Eyes

4. Rough Waves


Messy ponytails, defined brows, hair décor, rosy cheeks and pale lips finish out the top ten list from Allure Magazine. Whether you are going out for a night out on the town, heading to work or staying in for a casual night, these looks are versatile and simple. They are sure to leave everyone looking sonerificially fabulous this fall!


Which would you pick as your fave beauty look for fall? Share with us!