How to grow long hair fast

Does your hair grow slowly or get to a certain length then suddenly stall?,

Follow these simple scalp scrubbing techniques to take care of your hair!

1. Rub and Scrub. You wouldn’t stick your face under a spout to clean it, would you? Just like your face, your scalp needs to be touched. “New hair has trouble sprouting through a layer of dirt, oil, and old skin cells,” says Kingsley (from….). He suggests massaging your scalp vigorously with a scalp brush or the pads of your fingers for two minutes before you shower. Learn how to give your roots a mega boost.

2. Pamper your hair. Look for shampoos and conditioners that contain moisturizing shea butter or avocado oil which keep strands saturated. “Proper saturation is key for growth since brittle, splitting strands break off before they can get long,” says San Francisco cosmetologist Paradi Mirmirani. Learn how to party-proof your curls.

3. Rethink your styling routine. Heat from curling irons and strengtheners and friction (from hair brushes and combs) can damage hair’s protective covering, or cuticle, making strands susceptible to breakage. To avoid breakage detangle with  a wide-tooth comb, use heat-shielding sprays before styling, and declare Sunday a lazy-do (natural hair) day. “Laying off the blow-dryer or iron once a week can help,” Serratore says. For easy waves, braid wet hair; unravel when it’s dry. Watch this video to get loose, sexy waves.