Skin Care Essentials: Tips for Teens

The teenage years are some of the roughest for skin care. As the body changes so does the skin. Many teens test dozens of products and techniques before they find one that works just right for them. We wanted to try and take some of the guess work out of teen skin care by providing you with a few awesome resources.

The London Evening Standard features a great article on Looking after Young Skin. This resource provides helpful information on what to look for when shopping for teen skin care.

WebMD has an article specifically for the Top Teen Skin Problems that includes recommendations for how to solve them and get your skin looking its best in your teenage years.

Finally, Seventeen magazine offers some fabulous beauty, skin care and fashion tips for teens.

If you or your teen have any tips or tricks to recommend, please share them with us! Anything that absolutely doesn’t work? We want to hear that too!