Dry Skin: Remedies and Prevention Suggestions

Dry skin is a struggle for many people, especially during the summer months. Summer can be tough on skin with applications of sunscreen, chlorine from pools and direct sunlight. If you struggle with dry skin in the summer, or year round, we have a few tips to help soothe and prevent dry skin.

Moisturize on a daily basis
Find a moisturizer that you like and apply it on a daily basis.

Avoid scalding hot water in your bath and shower
Although the hot water warms you up it can be very harsh on your skin. Try lowering the temperature in the bath and shower. Another great way to avoid dry skin is to include milk powder or oatmeal in the bath instead of using bubble bath.

When you get out of the tub, pat dry
Avoid rubbing after the bath or shower. Once you are towel dried be sure to apply a good body moisturizer to keep moisture locked inside throughout the day.

Avoid itchy clothing
If you are prone to dry skin avoid wearing clothing that includes fabrics that you find itchy or irritating

Cleanse with your Clarisonic Skin Care System
Cleansing with your face and body with the Clarisonic Skin Care System, can help reduce dry skin patches and leave your skin looking and feeling healthier. Be sure to replace your brush heads every three months for optimum cleansing.

NOTE: Dry skin can be a result of a more complicated skin condition so be sure to consult your doctor if your symptoms worsen.

Do you have any at-home or best practices for avoiding dry skin? We’d love to hear them. Share with us!